Introduction to Mindfulness Course

This course teaches you how to live in a way that reduces stress & anxiety. We explore how to find more happiness, calm & ease in our day-to-day lives.

This course helps you learn to lessen negative behaviors, and how to live in a way that reduces stress & anxiety. The course explores how to find more joy, calm & ease in our day to day lives. Join Mindfulness Educator, Kristina Cavit, as she supports you to develop tools to let go of stressful thinking & to bring practical tools into even the busiest of lives.

Who is it for?
Everyone! Mindfulness has no stereotypes and has no secular link. In fact, we think it's helpful even for those who are the most skeptical.
Whether it's to improve your personal day-to-day life or help with work stress - stress is becoming a high risk factor in the workplace; 40% of workers report that their job is very or extremely stressful. Mindfulness is a cost effective and high impact way to reduce stress, increase engagement and happiness in the workplace. We’re all about making mindfulness fun through practical tools and making sustainable change to stress.

How does it work?
Program overview
The course includes 5 x meditations and 6 talks to take you through the process of building a mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness Practice 1: Introduction to mindfulness meditation
Reflection: Understanding Mindfulness
Mindfulness Practice: Introduction meditation

Mindfulness Practice 2: Developing presence
Reflection: Strengthening attention focus & how to do it
Meditation: Breath meditation

Mindfulness Practice 3: Present moment awareness
Reflection: Non striving & letting go of doing it “right”
Meditation: Senses Meditation

Mindfulness Practice 4: Present moment acceptance
Reflection: Beginner's mind & seeing things with a fresh perspective
Meditation: Body Scan meditation

Mindfulness Practice 5: Self compassion
Reflection: Releasing self judgement & developing self compassion
Meditation: Non judgement

Closing reflection: How to cultivate Mindfulness

What to expect
You'll learn tangible tools to help you discover how to:
- Reduce stress levels
- Improve relationships
- Increase focus
- Find compassion for yourself and others

Why Mindfulness?
Imagine having increased focus, less stress and more compassion for yourself and others.

Mindfulness is the ability to focus on one's awareness in the present moment, to fully engage in and embrace the here and now, without attachment to the future or past. Through simple mindfulness practices we can train our attention on the present moment.

It's simple, accessible and everyone can participate. Krissy's introduction course offers an ideal entry point for beginners, or as a refresher short-course for existing meditators.

Thanks to Abraham Kunin and Riki Bennett for the beautiful music.